Exciting Times

 Photo taken by Jeff Roberts Imaging

Photo taken by Jeff Roberts Imaging

Phew! The last 6 months have been both exciting and busy! As a General Contractor, it's incredibly important to constantly evolve - update your website with new work, post regularly on social media (although these days Instagram seems to be the only thing people keep a close eye on) and stay on the edge of technological advances in both design and building practices. It's easy to feel like your falling behind as new companies surface with polished appearances and lots of staff members. (I think that is just part of millennial FOMO) Regardless, we still plan on staying small. Any growth will be both deliberate and thoughtful. At the end of the day; Roland is still at the helm after 35 years lending his sage advice to every client, watching the progression of each project carefully while Josh and I plan and manage both on site and behind the scenes. Our team of carpenters remain the core individuals who at that this point, feel like family. And our new team member Kelsie, who will be helping with office management and design, fell right into place. So while this website is new - the core of who we are as a company, hasn't changed. We are still the same people who are passionate about the craft of building. 

With that being said, let me fill you in on some exciting news! 

To start, we landed the August 2018 cover of Maine Home + Design!! It's not our first cover but this one definitely feels unique. With a new and invigorated staff leading the charge at Maine Home + Design, we were given a *spectacular* writer and the art direction/layout felt bright and fresh. The feature has perfectly highlighted what we LOVE about this project. The writer was also insightful enough to include the subcontractors and vendors who worked so hard on this project (because lets face it, without them, forget it) We have been checking the mailbox every single day just waiting to see it in print. As a small company who works incredibly hard for our clients, this just feels, really great. 

Second, we are finally ready to announce the addition of our Interior Design wing - Morrison Design House. We aren't new as a company to Interior Design but this is a more structured offering for our clients with the option of either full service or al la carte design. Now, while it seems like everyone is jumping on the Interior Design wing bus - we promise a tailored experience that is different than all the rest. We promise to help you shape and mold each space both architecturally and with finishes/furniture so that everything has continuity. (not to mention brings happiness and ease of use everyday) 

Lastly, we are proud to say that last month we wrapped on two projects. Our Whitten Architects project had a stunning millwork package and will be professionally photographed in September so stay tuned!! We have started work on our two summer projects and the fall line up is quickly filling up. The opportunities coming our way are all wonderful and unique - we'd feel grateful to build any of them. 

We will be posting weekly on here to let you know what we're up to, trends we see happening and sharing objects of interest. Check in often to see how our journey unfolds!