Out of Office: Iceland

Once a year, we try and take a family vacation to an exotic location for two reasons: decompress mentally/unplug from technological influences and expose our children (Emma, 13 and Miles, 8) to various cultures/landscapes. As we are raising two opinionated children, it can be difficult getting everyone to agree on the location. This year we bounced between Peru and Iceland but ultimately, Iceland was the winner. We traveled across the Atlantic for roughly 5 hours on 10/23 and arrived in an environment so unique, the kids could hardly believe it was real. Some of the highlights of traveling to Iceland: almost everyone speaks English and honestly, the amount of interaction is rare anyway, driving could not be easier to navigate (also the driving is very slow there which is nice when in a foreign environment) and air fare costs next to nothing. We stayed in three different locations and each was nestled in a magical location. As a builder/designer; Josh and I were constantly impressed at building practices in Iceland and how much nature plays a part in design. Integration into the landscape seems to be a predominant feature - minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment is another. There is a respect for the natural features in Iceland that is unparalleled. While there are no signs stating the rules or boundaries (or at least none that we saw) it is understood that the environment is fragile and should be respected. We stayed 5 days and covered a lot of territory but there is still so much left to see. The picture above is from the Glacier Lagoon - something I would encourage everyone to see in their lifetime. It is humbling, stunning and above all else, perfect in every way.

We are lucky to have clients who understand the need for time away as a family. We took off for three business days and everyone could not have been kinder about it. A special thank you to our clients, subcontractors and of course, Roland, the man in charge - who held down the fort while we were gone.