Shown above are the townhouses on Munjoy Hill. Project was completed May of 2014, photo courtesy of Old Port Magazine.

Shown above are the townhouses on Munjoy Hill. Project was completed May of 2014, photo courtesy of Old Port Magazine.

As usual, we have been extremely busy here at the R.P. Morrison Builders office and we really couldn’t be happier. In 2014 we had the opportunity to construct some incredibly unique projects and to work with some very talented individuals. To start the year, we concluded the set of townhouses located on St. Lawrence Street (Munjoy Hill). The project was different than what you would typically find in our portfolio but that’s what made it so exciting. The modern aesthetic was such a joy to watch come together and in the end it turned out to be an incredibly crisp environment; one sure to peak the interests of the trendiest parts of the Portland population.

In the Spring we worked with Union Studio Architecture out of Rhode Island to construct a summer home on Prout’s Neck which ended up earning itself the name: The Bird House. The creative name was due in part to the elegant, rich and tall, very very tall, architecture. The interesting lines that comprised the exterior made this project one to marvel at. The interior which is filled with unique finishes and refined selections, is simply breathtaking to walk through. While the design itself is very modern, the space feels incredibly warm. It has thoughtful details throughout and has turned out to be the perfect vacation spot for a lovely family.

In the summer and fall/winter, we built and completed a spec house in Cumberland which was great because we obviously had the chance to utilize some of the inner office ideas. Roland placed his mark on the house with the exquisite cherry floors and bright white custom cabinetry while Jenny left her mark with an elegant lighting package and subtle but bright wall colors. The end of the year was when we began the Ash Street Project, a 12,000 sq. ft. office building as well as wrapped up a large scale garage addition/renovation and began the two cottage project at Higgins Beach, drawn by Whitten Architects.

Within ALL of that, Josh & Jenny did some major renovations to a new home they purchased in which Roland drew a beautiful kitchen (by hand!!!) complete with bright white cabinetry and an island that feels like a piece of furniture.

Needless to say, things have been busy but every moment has been perfection. In the past 2 years, our reputation alone has brought us outstanding projects. With everyone looking to the next thing: advertising, web sites, social media; it’s really nice to know that our name is still enough to bring us great work. It showcases the importance of doing things right the first time and leaving clients feeling happy and–of course–at home. In 2015 we will continue with our old school techniques while merging them carefully with new ideas and new industry standards. We are eager to begin some of the projects in the pipeline and can’t wait to share with you all, our constantly expanding portfolio.