We are passionate people who believe in the artistry behind each detail. That's why we have been building commercial + residential projects in Maine for 34 years. 

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From smaller renovations to sprawling ocean front properties; we enjoy building a range of projects. Our attention to detail, craftsmanship and customer service are unmatched in the industry. The secret is our specialized team of career carpenters, trusted subcontractors and enthusiasm for what we do everyday.   

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Commercial construction projects require a more specialized approach: being responsive to the communities in which we build, predicting and adapting to changes as they happen and implementing a safe work environment. We believe in working collaboratively and organically as we build out trending parts of Maine.       

Tiger Lily


With a perspective that is informed by a respect for our natural environment; we craft interiors that blend aesthetics seamlessly. Our office has the capability to conceptualize, draw and source each and every phase of a project. With stunning visuals and an outstanding materials library; you'll feel confident about your future interiors.