Design + Build Project with Peterson Design Group

Design + Build Project with Peterson Design Group


DESIGN & FUNCTION: Marrying design and function is essential in making sure your home meets your life-style needs. Getting involved in the design process helps to maintain the integrity of the architect’s design intent while making sure that your home is practical for long-term living. In Maine, inclement weather is a defining factor in making design choices. Expertise in weather proofing is a must and we have years of experience that will help to craft a breathtaking space which will last you a lifetime. Beyond weather proofing, we can work with you to develop the scope of work, allowing you to have input into systems such as: HVAC, lighting, audio/video, home integration, etc. Our previous clients have praised our ability to value engineer their project, finding innovative ways to choose products that reduce the overall project budget without compromising quality. All of this allows you to keep control of your project both creatively and financially.

OPEN BOOK POLICY: Generally we solicit multiple proposals from qualified subcontractors of each trade. This gives us the ability to shop for a price that is highly competitive. During this process, everything will be available to you so that you can be a part of decision making process when it comes time to make final selections. This does two things: it gets you acquainted with the businesses who will ultimately be constructing your project and it allows you control over steering your project financially.

WORKING SCHEDULE: A construction schedule keeps the project organized and on target. However, it’s not useful if it’s not user friendly. Our master schedule will be compiled in a fashion that makes sense with a clear breakout of trades, duration for each trade and a clear date of completion. During construction if phases move more quickly than anticipated, we will update accordingly and get a copy right to you.


FOCUS: Our company is run one hundred percent as a family owned and operated team. Roland and Josh have kept the company small as part of our core philosophy. We choose to focus on one large scale project at a time, a project that we really feel passion for, rather than multiple projects. This guarantees that when you need to call one of them, you get in touch with them personally. There is no middle man, no one to take a message, it is direct contact. Our offices do not close at 5. We are available any time you need throughout the duration of your project and even after it has concluded. Throughout construction there will be either Josh or Roland (and many times both) on site to oversee every detail of your project. They will effectively manage each trade to ensure quality control. Our office trailer will be set up on site so that everything is managed properly and looks professional.

COMMUNICATION: Before site work even begins and at each phase of construction, photographs are taken to document the project. Those photographs are then set up in a digital journal with text to explain each phase. These photographs are an excellent tool for referencing should we need to work with one another away from the site and they are also a great tool to show your friends and family what you are building. To help keep in touch with the team we use phone/video conferencing as well as e-mail and additionally we will hold monthly site meetings with the architect/builder/owners.


ORGANIZATION: Upon completion of construction we will assemble for you information pertaining to your new home. New homes tend to come with multiple instruction manuals and booklets which can quickly become overwhelming. We will compile it all in an organized fashion with a breakout of rooms so that it is easy to access information when you need it. In this same folder will be contact information for all trades, multiple copies of your home’s key and any other items you may need to make your transition seamless.

CARETAKING: Our business has been built on word of mouth. For thirty years we have depended on the recommendations of past clients as well as our peers in the industry to keep our business moving forward. Those recommendations come from long lasting relationships that we continue to cultivate even after a project has been completed. We are open to helping you in any way that we can once we finish your project. If you are away and there is a storm, we will check on your property. If you have a question concerning a warranty of a product, we will answer it. And if down the long road of home ownership you need something repaired, we are more than happy to do that as well. The same attentiveness you received during construction, you will most certainly receive after it.